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Door Seals and Weatherstripping for Double Entry Doors

Astragal Door Seals and Weather Strip for Double Entry Doors

Whether your double entry doors are designed for basic functionality or to enhance the appearance of your building, Memtech Brush door seals, weatherstripping and entrance door thresholds save you money by precluding up to 98.5% of air infiltration surrounding all types of double entry doors. Memtech Brush door seals and weather strip are easy to install yourself and should last the lifetime of the door.

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Astragal Door Seals and Weather Strip for Double Entry Doors


Straight Mountings

Design Specification Form

Astragal Door Seals and Weather Strip for Double Entry Doors
Astragal Brush Seals installed by Memtech at Sears

Contact Memtech Brush for more information on brush door seals and weather seals for double entry doors

Memtech brush door seals and weather seals permanently block entry for bugs, insects, and other pests without chemicals. Use our door seals as a non-chemical pest control barrier to control lying and crawling insects and small animals. Memtech brush seals have raised an AIB by 90 points! 

Memtech brush door seals and weather seals:

  • Protect buildings, clean rooms, computer rooms, machinery, and filtration systems from the ravages of dirt and dust particles.
  • Highly effective temperature control for both heating and cooling on all types of gaps  in windows and doors of every style and size.
  • In high temperature applications, reduce heat loss and improve working environment around industrial ovens.
  • Effectively reduce or eliminate light transfer in sensitive areas such as dark rooms.
  • Reduce sound transfer when the individual bristles follow contours to seal the gaps.
  • Dampen Vibrations with the flexible bristle that adjusts to the adjacent surface.
  • Memtech brush seals and weather seals are made in many sizes and shapes to secure nearly any building entry-point and your energy savings alone will likely repay your investment in one season!
  • Our type 6 nylon brush seals are recommended for food processing and handling facilities.  They are U.L. Rated as "Gasketing Material for Fire Doors" (viable from -100F to +200F). 

Type 6 nylon brush door seal is known for its extremely long life, toughness and ability to regain its shape (memory) when pressure is removed.  This material will not wear out.  Thousands of nylon filaments per foot are locked into a steel channel which is in turn held in an aluminum extrusion designed to fit specific size brushes and applications.

Our clients have found our brush door seals and weatherseals made from this material to be an excellent means of sealing freezers, meat lockers and other temperature-sensitive areas as well as clean-room, offices and dust-free locations from harmful infiltration.

Brush door seals for: