Bird Control Brush Seals – Pest Control

Bird Control for Rolling Steel Doors

Prevent birds flying inside your warehouse doors, dock doors, rolling steel doors or shop and factory doors. Memtech brush door seals act as a bird blocker for rolling steel doors to keep birds out.

Rolling steel doors are used in many places. Wherever a rolling door is placed there will be gaps and crevices that allow birds into your building. Birds bring disease, nest, leave waste and can do costly damage inside your shop. Memtech brush has the answer that will seal your doors preventing birds from getting into the building as well as keeping the heat or cool air inside.

Memtech’s Bird Blocker brush seals are placed along the lintel of the door opening to prevent the birds from entering the building through the gap between the building and the rolling steel door. This gap is usually very large on tall rolling steel doors that are used at many of the food facilities rail car doors. The Memtech Bird Blocker brush is designed with strong bristles to prevent the birds from flying through the softer bristles of the typical weather strip. Once installed, the Bird Blocker brushes will not only keep out the flying pest, but also help control the dust and temperature. The Bird Blocker brush is stocked in easy to handle 6ft lengths.

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