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Brush Seals and Weatherstripping for Dock Levelers

Dock Leveler Brush Seals
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One of the most vulnerable areas in any plant is its dock levelers. This is because even when the plant is closed, the space under a dock leveler is open. If the sides and back of the dock leveler are not sealed, rodents, insects, and air can easily enter the plant. Our specially designed brushes will seal a dock leveler virtually air-tight. When the bottom of the shipping door over the leveler is sealed as well, it’s brush seals against the leveler’s side brushes and the whole dock leveler is sealed tight.

Air, dust and pests infiltrate the gaps around dock levelers. Memtech nylon brush dock leveler seals and weatherstripping provide an extremely effective way of preventing heat loss and providing non-chemical pest control and dust control around dock levelers.

The food industry knows:

  • The most vulnerable entry-points in a sanitation-sensitive building are its shipping dock leveler gaps.
  • Only Memtech Nylon Brush Seals can fully and permanently block these openings while maintaining full flexibility.
  • Bugs, rodents or flies entering the lower gap cannot get past the side and back seals into your building (neither can dust, fumes or energy-robbing outside air).

This is how Memtech Brush Seals secure a shipping dock from infestation and infiltration:

When you install a Memtech Nylon Brush Seal Kit on your dock leveler, a constant barrier is maintained over all exposed gaps, no matter how uneven the surfaces are. The rear gap (left), inside the door, is sealed at any level. The side gaps in and outside the door (right) are similarly closed to entry by constant application of the nylon brush material.


If your door does not fall within the available kits, you can fill out the doors specifications for a custom quote.

Memtech Brush stocks several Brush Seal Kits for Dock Levelers

Mechanical Side Seal Kits

(Qty) 798063 - 7' with 1.0" Brush Mechanical Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798070 - 7' with 1.5" Brush Mechanical Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798982 - 7' with 2.0" Brush Mechanical Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798065 - 9' with 1.0" Brush Mechanical Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798066 - 9' with 1.5" Brush Mechanical Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798983 - 9' with 2.0" Brush Mechanical Side Seal Kit

See Product sheet for Dock Leveler Mechanical Side Kit (PDF)


Weldable Side Seal Kits

(Qty) 798096 - 7' with 1.0" Brush Weldable Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798097 - 7' with 1.5" Brush Weldable Side Seal Kit

(Qty) 798367 - 7' with 2.0" Brush Weldable Side Seal Kit

See Product sheet for Dock Leveler Weldable Side Seal Kit (PDF)


Rear Seal Options

(Qty) 799317 - 1.0" DIA Brush Coil (Spiral)

(Qty) 799316 - 1.5" DIA Brush Coil (Spiral)

(Qty) 798188 - 7' with 1.5" Brush Strip

(Qty) 894818 - 6' x 2" x 2" Foam

See Product sheet for Dock Leveler Rear Seal Kit (PDF)


Dock Leveler Chain Pull Closeout

(Qty) 440140 - 1.75" OD

(Qty) 440142 - 2.31" OD

(Qty) 440141 - 2.50" OD

See Product Sheet for Dock Leveler Chain Pull Closeout (PDF)


Custom Dock Leveler seals are available - Click here for form!

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A bottom seal added to the bottom of your overhead door seal is available for Sectional, Rolling Steel, and Rolling Curtain doors.

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