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Brush door seals are the only fully flexible air-tight door seals available for pedestrian doors, sectional overhead doors, rolling steel doors, swing doors, double entry doors, aircraft hangar doors, and dock levelers. The technology of brush also serves industry as a deflector on drilling or surfacing machines, a parts product guide, and a sound or temperature blocker.

Brush door seals – normally a nylon formulation – are looped around a central wire, crimped into a steel channel and trimmed to size (about 1200 filaments per inch). This assembly normally slides into an aluminum extrusion designed to fit a particular door or use. The brush can be cut as short as ¼ “ or as long as 24″ and the extruded holder can be nearly any angle to suit the task at hand.

The extrusions holding the brush are made in several sizes to fit different jobs.