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Brush Door Seals by Memtech Brush

Brush door seals for rolling steel doorsAre your commercial or residential energy bills high due to energy loss? Do you have gaps in your commercial, residential or industrial doors that may be letting costly heating and cooling escape?  Do you have excessive drafts and fumes entering your commercial building or home?  Are you looking for door seals that provide the best in dust control, light control, sound control, vibration control and pest control?  Memtech Brush is the #1 source for high quality brush door seals that serve as the very best in  door seal weather stripping.

Brush Door Seal Applications

Memtech Brush Door Seals offer the ultimate in weather stripping protection for all types of residential and commercial door seal uses and the applications are endless. We offer Dock Lever Brush Seals, Double Door Brush Seals, Hollow Double Door Brush Seals, Hollow Single Door Brush Seals, Single Entry Door Seals, Residential Door Brush Seals, Rolling Steel Door Brush Seals, Rolling Steel Curtain Door Brush Seals, Sectional Overhead Door Brush Seals, Sliding Door Brush Seals and Swing Door Brush Seals.

Brush Quality

Memtech Brush Door Seals are made of top quality #6 nylon brushes that offer extremely long life and toughness. Our seals also have the profound ability to regain shape (memory) after the pressure is let off the seal by opening the door.  Memtech’s high quality brush seals are made by locking 1000’s of nylon filaments per foot into a steel channel that is held by an aluminum exterior designed to fit the application.  Memtech’s brush seals and weather seals that are made from this nylon material are the best in sealing both hot and cold temperature sensitive areas such as meat lockers to areas that are subject to extreme sunlight.  They also provide the best protection against harmful infiltration for clean rooms and locations that need to remain dust free.

Brush Seal Uses

In addition to preventing energy and temperature loss and dust infiltration, Memtech Brush Seals can also be used in many other applications. You can use Memtech Brush Seals to effectively reduce or eliminate light transfers, eliminate sound transfers and dampen vibrations when the brush seals are properly installed.  If you would like a free quote or advice on how to best use our brush seals to help improve your energy loss, temperature loss or other applications, please contact Memtech Brush Seals today.

Brush Door Seals

Brush Seals

Brush door seals weather stripping is the only fully flexible air-tight door seal available with the most durable memory of all available bristle materials.

Brush Seal Mountings

Brush Seal Mountings

We offer four standard mounting bracket styles to fit any type of door – Straight, Right Angle, Angled, and Reverse Angle brush mountings.