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Memtech Brush Seal Weather Stripping

Memtech has been helping to save energy and protect building from pests since 1982.

Memtech brush seal weather stripping is the most effective and longest lasting door seal available. Brush seal will keep the heat in and the critters out. Brush seal is the only way to seal uneven surfaces.

Brush door seals for rolling steel doorsDID YOU KNOW that each outside entrance to a door represents at least 5½” x 5½” (30 sq. in.) opening in your building or factory. This is a linear crack of only 1/8″ around the door perimeter of 20 ft, and with just a 1/4″ crack, the hole in your building is almost the size of a sheet of paper! Multiply this by the number of doors in your building or factory and it is easy to see where a great deal of heating energy is being wasted without air sealing. According to accredited test data (ASHRAE), each door costs you from $45 to $100 per year in heat loss, not to mention air conditioning at twice the price, dust, bugs, noise, and general discomfort.

Memtech uses Nylon bristle brush which is one of the most durable and has the best memory of all available bristle materials for brush seal weather stripping. Our type 6 nylon weatherstripping and brush door seals are UL. Rated as “Gasketing Material for Fire Doors” (viable from -100ºF to +200ºF). The use of nylon brushes as air seals, weather stripping, and wind stopper seals, have been proven as superior air sealing barriers. The nylon bristles on our brush mountings for our weather strip and door seals conform to irregularities around the door as non-chemical pest control and keeping heat out and cool air in. They come in a wide variety of bristle lengths, thicknesses, and mounting extrusions, allowing for any door sealing application. Memtech nylon brush door seals and weatherstripping far outperform vinyl or rubber strips.

Energy savings ($$$ just flying out the gaps around your doors)
Stop pests, critters & birds (especially for those FDA inspections)
Dust control (tired of dirt all over your facility)
Noise reduction (the rattle of your doors & sound through the gaps)
Eliminate light leaks around doors
Seal on uneven surfaces & large gaps
Long lasting (over 3X longer than any vinyl or PVC seal)

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